Writing proficiency exam paper essay

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This can give you a chance to put your argument in a more logical order and also gives you something to reference if you forget where you were going in your argument. In order to develop your essay, you will need to include clear support for your points. This can help you remain focused on the ideas you are being asked to address instead of reacting to the content of the article itself. How does a student with documented disabilities take the exam? Does my essay present a central idea? This essay aims to summarise and evaluate the impact of stress at work at both company and individual levels. However, do not spend a lot of time setting up the counterargument. The Financial Costs of Stress Research carried out by the Health and Safety Council estimates that stress and mental illness continues to be neglected by many businesses, both small and large. The Writing Proficiency Office will give you further directions afterwards. Are all of my points developed with clear support?

The language used can be fun and eye-catching as usually an article is meant to get as many readers as possible. Try correcting the piece of writing yourself first: use the marking codes to think about what might be wrong or what's good about the piece of work.

Writing proficiency exam examples

Any student with credit for more than 90 semester hours who enrolls in and subsequently withdraws from or is withdrawn from ENGL will not be allowed to enroll in any course except until the Writing Proficiency Requirement is met. Close relationships are vital to helping you get through this tough time. You must be approved by the Writing Proficiency Office in order to take their exam. Write the essay. If this is the case, be sure to stay Cal Poly-centric as you develop your arguments because if your examples are too general, it may appear as if you are not adequately addressing the prompt. The poem or reading selection should be included along with the question. Then, contact Disability Support Services at at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date to arrange special accomodations. In part, Miller says that college students struggle with everyday pressures of bills, job stress, and depression. You will need to re-take ENGL until you pass it. The results of the Writing Proficiency Examination are confidential. It may also refer to a specific poem or a selection of a novel that many students at the college level have read.

Remember that you are being asked to make an argument, so graders will be looking for a strong thesis statement early in your essay. Consider using your thesis to directly answer the question posed in the prompt.

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To sum up, I think stress at work should be tackled at the root i. In addition, the essay should be effectively organized and easy to follow. The tone of an essay is generally serious, compared to the one of an article which might sound more relaxed and include some humour.

Writing proficiency exam paper essay

Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts. Examples of questions in this category may include whether public libraries are important, if school uniforms should be required in public schools or whether technology is crucial to student learning.

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