Write an equation of the line in point slope form

I should get the same result; namely: Given two points, I can always find the slope: Then I can use either point as my x1, y1along with this slope I've just calculated, and plug these values into the point-slope form.

Then click "Answer" to compare your answer to Mathway's. This implies that their coordinates are as follow: Plug the values in the slope formula then simplify. And then we can get rid of this negative 5 on the left by adding 5 to both sides of this equation.

If we start at y is equal to b, and if we end up at y equals this arbitrary y right over here, this change in y right over here is going to be y minus b.

slope equation calculator

And then on the right-hand side, you just have m times x minus a. Tip: Solve both equations for y in terms of x, and compare the results!

Start by assigning the coordinates of the points.

how to graph point slope form

Example 6: Find the point-slope form of the line from its graph below. Well look, this is the slope of the line in green. And I can put the two points in. Writing the point-slope form of the line… You might also be interested in:.

And so what we've already done here is actually create an equation that describes this line.

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