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High Calorie, yes, of course. Add to this the often unexplained Thai words and slang terms, and newcomers to science fiction will most likely feel compelled to stop reading early on.

All are depicted in shades of grey; a system of modern storytelling that may be becoming the convention. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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I grew up in a hippie commune in Western Colorado where my parents were ineffectively trying to grow organic apples. The Windup Girl hosts a diversity of characters, each with their own agenda, operating as separate entities, rather than as a whole cast working toward a sole objective.

I am interested in agricultural corporations and how they function.

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This world is complete with a new political structure, social customs, history, and slang. Advertisement Your work often deals with issues like peak oil and where we'll get our energy in the future. I have characters of four different nationalities and some part of me is threaded into that too.

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Whereas I knew very little about Thailand.

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a book review by J. P. Wickwire: The Windup Girl