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Robert W. I am quite aware that we have just now lightheartedly expelled in imagination many excellent men who are largely, perhaps chiefly, responsible for the buildings of the temple of science; and in many cases our angel would find it a pretty ticklish job to decide. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. Frankly, I don't want to appear as qualified to judge of things Russian. For what else could give him the serenity and the force to hug to his breast as a thing delightful and human, the virtue, the rectitude and sagacity of his own City, declaring with simple eloquence through the mouth of a Conscript Father: "I have not read this author's books, and if I have read them I have forgotten. Another little circumstance, too, just now disturbed her peace of mind, and she was in fear of some complication; for in the course of the winter, while her boys were finishing their studies, each in [23] his own line, she had made the acquaintance of a neighbor, Mme. This is the backdrop for Edward Bellamy's prophetic novel about a young Boston gentleman who is mysteriously transported from the nineteenth to the twenty - first century - from a world of war and want to a world of peace and plenty. Roland was abashed, and apologized. There is no justificative formula for its existence any more than for any other artistic achievement. The Brothers Karamazov. The art of the novelist is simple. The theme is the struggle of man fighting his greatest enemy - himself. Such is not the case of Crainquebille, a street hawker, charged with insulting the constituted power of society in the person of a policeman. Neither his fellows, nor his gods, nor his passions will leave a man alone. Women, whose nerves are more sensitive, sometimes feel, without knowing why, that the sound of useless speech is as irritating as an insult.

Signet Classic original. Do you think it would help us to walk if we analyzed our legs and knew exactly which one of the little muscles must be employed in locomotion and the order in which they work? His personality pulsates in every word.

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Our Planck is one of them, and that is why we love him. Why, the very day when Jean was born it was he who went for the doctor. She was fond of reading, of novels and poetry, not for their value as works of art, but for the sake of the tender melancholy mood they would induce in her.

Elsie Venner.

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This is not because some books are not worthy of enduring life, but because the formulas of art are dependent on things variable, unstable and untrustworthy; on human sympathies, on prejudices, on likes and dislikes, on the sense of virtue and the sense of propriety, on beliefs and theories that, indestructible in themselves, always change their form--often in the lifetime of one fleeting generation.

The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects.

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If gratitude, as someone defined it, is a lively sense of favours to come, it becomes very easy to be grateful to the author of The Ambassadors--to name the latest of his works.

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