The global effects of the first world war

effects of world war 1 on america

Now, during the centenary of the Great War, there is an attempt at a synthesis of the various historical approaches to the conflict. However, the dreadful toll taken by the war led U.

effects of world war 1 in points

Strong forces were shaping the power and legal status of labor unions, too. But the fall of the young, powerful, and growing German Empire, after the people revolted and the Kaiser was forced to abdicate, came as a great shock.

Across the country, by latenine in every ten workers in the munitions industry were female - jobs which traditionally would have been done by men. Due to the cruel methods used during the war and the losses suffered, WW1 caused a lot of bitterness among nations, which also greatly contributed to WW1 decades later.

The parties of the extreme right, for their part, denounced the betrayal and humiliation of the acceptance of the Treaty of Versailles.

The fact that these peace talks were held in Paris reinforced the idea that Europe was still the centre of world diplomacy, even after the disastrous war.

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How did WW1 change the world?