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With the availability of effective affordable generic drugs for osteoporosis, it is feasible to leave the long-term management of osteoporosis to primary care doctors who are mostly in private practices in Hong Kong.

Our centre has been running a prospective cohort study of 4, older men and women to examine the risk factors of fractures in older people since But there is a practical problem in performing DXA in people with mobility problems, and because of disabilities and limited life expectancy, the risk and benefit of osteoporosis screening and drug treatment are finely balanced and should be assessed individually.

ABC News: Tasha Wibawa But the physical labour often takes a heavy toll on many of the elderly women, who also have to deal with theft and discrimination on a daily basis. Bmj, aug07 1e—e The prevention of falls, especially in those who have fallen and those with osteoporosis is another effective means to prevent hip fracture in older people.

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Hong Kong resident Peter Lo, 83, initially retired when he was 65, but was forced to work in his early 70s due to a lack of financial support. Osteoporosis International, — Government allowances are often not enough to cover rent in one of the world's most expensive cities. A cross-sectional study of fragility hip fracture patients in six hospitals in Hong Kong showed that the average age of hip fracture patients was The indirect costs which are expected to be more substantial have not been comprehensively studied.

There is a lot of evidence that treatment for osteoporosis and fall preventive measures can prevent hip fractures Chau et al. According to the profile of patients in our osteoporosis clinic which is the largest in Hong Kong, only Beneath the glitzy high-rises of central Hong Kong, the city is struggling with its ageing population, some of whom are working into their 90s, gathering rubbish to make ends meet.

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Hong Kong Medical Journal, 23 3 , Osteoporosis International, 24 1 , Belgium: IOF. Risk factors for single and recurrent falls: A prospective study of falls in community dwelling seniors without cognitive impairment. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, 3 , Fall risk assessment should, therefore, be a routine for those who are diagnosed to have osteoporosis and have had a fall within twelve months. Most hip fractures occur after a fall, and fall history is a risk factor for a further fall, and can independently predict fracture in older men Scott et al. Mr Lo lives with his wife and his youngest son's family of four in a three-bedroom apartment in a public housing estate.

Trends in hip fracture incidence and mortality in chinese population from hong kong

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