Right brain business plan meditation images

I tend to have that inner quiet time and I protect it each morning. Jennifer, what are you curious about right now? I said how your books have been so instrumental in my life in helping me navigate the transition from the corporate world or in my case, it was the third sector, higher education sector here in the UK, to deciding I wanted to work in a more creative way that was more meaningful to me.

Right brain business plan meditation images

Meditation has been helping with that and slowing down. I just needed to be clear on what it was I wanted to create, who I wanted to serve, how much I wanted to make, and what the plan would be. That was challenging and I still deal with that today, but I started to find the medication that works. You will receive a shipping notification e-mail from info artizencoaching. Finally, business planning for the rest of us! I follow that rhythm, so it depends on what day it is. That became my guidepost for the next year and a half, two years. I had launched a long-term mentorship programme, things were going great in terms of my goals, all the things that I had had on my various right-brain business plans. Much of it was overkill for a solopreneur. The most important planning I've done. I thought I was going to write a totally different book about using the creative process for life goals. Please note that you are responsible for paying any import duty, tax, and fees which may be collected by your country when the shipment arrives. This is inspiring.

Jennifer Lee opens the door for artists, healers, and brilliant souls to take their passion into the marketplace. Featured in:. Then I started to use the Insight Meditation Timer app to help me track my sits.

What kind of projects are you working on, if you can share anything about that?

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For some of us, it can take a while of struggle before we reach that point. I realisedand I went to go see a rheumatologist and she said I had developed some autoimmune issue.

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The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success