Response paper stopping by the woods

stopping by woods on a snowy evening poetry essay

This is why the speaker stood at the intersection for a long time, examining the two roads Frost 3. The sounds were coming ever closer and all I could do was ride on, feeling nauseous, entirely exhausted and tender across my whole body.

We were some of the few lucky people from our village that escaped. The world of the woods, a world offering perfect quiet and solitude, exists side by side with the realization that there is also another world, a world of people and social obligations.

The meaning of the narrator's response to the woods is caught in the contrast between the relaxed, conversational idiom of the first three lines, and the dream-like descriptive detail and hypnotic flowing of the last few lines.

The binary oppositions present in the poem indicate that, regardless of his responsibilities, the speaker would like to remain in the woods and take in the scene set before him His poetry eased a country through three wars and crossed the boundaries of the popular and critical audiences.

stopping by woods on a snowy evening

I hopped onto the horse and rode over the top of the hill and slowly down to the bottom. There is nothing I can now do. Six summers later, my father died from a terrible cold, a widower, leaving one son. When he made the choice to travel on the second road, he says that he might return to the other road on another day.

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening critical analysis

The friends I had spent many years making after the loss of my childhood ones are gone again; I may well be the last of this village. This road presents new opportunities for the speaker as it has been less travelled and for him, this is all that he needs. The ending lines of the poem describe the triumph of life over death. The end of the poem is somewhat sudden, as if Frost brings his character out of torpor. Form exists when one principle is locked in its opposite…not like the clash of good and evil, it is the clash of two goods. I swung my legs across his back and jumped off into the snow. And they killed her. One way or another, but the traveler is sighing again this sigh, or a series of different sighs, represents a major rhythmic part of the poem , the main hero forgets about the dreams and the night flights of thought, remembers where he is and that he should go home. Six months they waited, gathering an army, building weapons until the attack began. Is the poem a veiled death wish? It took me an entire month to tame Hpala. There is nothing I can now do.

Apparently the revolutionaries had captured him and mutilated his body as a sign of their hate for the Sioux and their want to conquer them. Soon all was once again quiet. He stops by woods on this "darkest evening of the year" to watch them "fill up with snow," and lingers so long that his "little horse" shakes his harness bells "to ask if there is some mistake.

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Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening