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Plant location and site selection - If the location is appropriate and site is free from water logging, flood etc. HF Cows: Holstein cattle also known as Holstein-Friesian cattle or Friesian cattle is a breed of cattle known today as the world's highest production dairy animal.

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The cost of rearing of each female calf up to 30 months will be around Rs. Nearness of dairy farm to such a society, veterinary aid centre, artificial insemination centre should be ensured. A Technical Feasibility Relevance and utility — if the proposed activity is relevant.

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Technical: a. Female calves will be reared on scientific lines as these calves will be used as replacements for animals culled time to time. Average lactation period of days, dry period of 60 90 days and calving interval of months will be maintained in the herd by adopting modern scientific management practices. This helps give strength to the bones and their proper structure. Calcium gets joined to phosphorus and forms calcium phosphate, which is an important element of hydroxyapatite. Distinguishing Characters: Holsteins are large, stylish animals with color patterns of black and white or red and white. This mineral is vital for bones growth and development. Vitamin B12 also helps produce red blood cells RBCs. Many a times, the project submitted provides all the required technical information, but the presentation of the project report may be such that it might confuse the banker or may not contain the required economic appraisal resulting in delay or even rejection. The animals which are not producing milk at this rate will be culled to maintain standard production in the herd. Project Formulation for Bank Loans A project can be prepared by a beneficiary in consultation with technical persons from Government departments or private entities. In the field of milk processing units for of following activities can be set up. It accounts for about

So, 9 female calves in the 1st year and 17 female calves lactation cycle is a little more than 1 year, so 17 instead of 19 for the remaining 4 years is used for calculation.

With increase in house hold income, the demand for milk is also constantly raising. Dairy farming will be also under the technical supervision and guidance of subject specialists.

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