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They are headed by Block Development Officers B.

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The grants-in-aid may be given to the Panchayats from the Consolidated Fund of the State. But the reality is something different. He has a masters degree in social work. Many Committees were set up to establish the successful Panchayat system but no concrete steps were taken in this regard. Building the capacities of the PRIs not as mere implementers of the projects but as planners and evaluators would help strengthen the institution. In certain states the Zilla Parishad also approves the budgets of the Panchayat Samitis. Panchayat systems in all the states aim at effective decentralization and self-rule. It existed since the earliest times. It was decided to appoint a high-level committee under the chairmanship of Ashok Mehta to examine and suggest measures to strengthen PRIs. Panchayat Raj, a synonym of democratic decentralization, was introduced in India in the late s and early s to restore to the erstwhile institution of Panchayat the pristine glory that it enjoyed in ancient India. Some States distinguish between obligatory compulsory and optional functions of Gram Panchayats while other States do not make this distinction. Such important functions like preparation of annual development plan of panchayat area, annual budget, relief in natural calamities, removal of encroachment on public lands and implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation programmes are now expected to be performed by panchayats. The Panchayat Secretary and the Village Level Worker are the two officers at the Panchayat level to assist the Sarpanch in administration.

Some provisions of this amendment are binding on the States, while others have been left to be decided by respective State Legislatures at their discretion. Chairpersons of Panchayat Samitis are ex-officio members of Zila Parishads.

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The Panchayat as a body is accountable to the general body of the village known as Gram Sabha which meets at least twice a year. The funds, function and functionaries that form the three main components of the devolution of power vary, and thereby weaken the system in many respects.

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In some panchayats, members of Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils, as well as members of Parliament who belong to the Samiti area, are co-opted as its members. A new chapter in the constitution should be provided to define their powers and functions and free and fairelection to be conducted through the election commission.

Panchayat under Draft Constitution: Quoting the Constitutional Assembly debate on 22 November [9] that led to the insertion of the provision relating to Village panchayats in the Constitution: K.

Not less than one-third of the total number of seats reserved shall be reserved for women belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

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Every panchayat has its own characteristic features and their working also differs from one another.

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Panchayati Raj Institution: Evolution, Features, Composition, Powers, Functions