Organisation behaviour assignment

Mba assignment organisational behaviour

This concept, therefore, not only tells that a manager should treat every person as an entity in himself but he should also examine his own stereotypes. Introduction Employee motivation is highly valued within workgroups and organisations. So pursuing goal should be consistent with employee interest and core values. But the same person can be demotivated if certain amount of sale is fixed as an obligation. An organisation wants to achieve its targets and employees re the force behind achieving the said targets and objectives. It confirms that people are to be treated differently from other factors of production. It is the result of interaction of the individual and the situation. Our industry within the Energy Sector is relatively small; none of us would like to carry the reputation of the team that failed. Kakabadse, A. The higher the need for affiliation among the members of the group; the higher is the group cohesiveness. Leadership and motivation. It is necessary that he recognizes that the power he has is because of the organization. The increased frequency of fantasizing is a signal that one had better seek some help from a psychiatrist. There was a situation within the past six months at my company between a manager Jim attempting to get the job done through fear and intimidation with the employee Ed.

It defined proper system that helped both Red Carnation and OVO energy to mitigate any issues and plan for a better tomorrow Robbins and Coulter, Hershey, Pa. For instance, if an employee is good at sales, can be motivated by giving incentives or perks on sales.

Hersey, P. Employees only get motivated when they listen to great leaders or managers. Management should explore the option of introducing more motivational strategies within the workplace and review their methods of applying these strategies.

Organisation behaviour assignment

Resignation, flight or withdrawal is a complete surrender to the problem situation. Cvikoet al. This is accepting a situation and ceasing any effort to deal with the problem. So the need to get on the next level motivates a person to perform. It is necessary that both the organisations Coca Cola as well as Sony should focus on these factors. The focus only remains on the specialised way of performing the tasks. But leadership is different for different person and different organisation. Task 1 1. Human Dignity: This concept is of a different order from the other three because it is more an ethical philosophy than a scientific conclusion. Job satisfaction is also reflected in the motivation of an employee. Whenever a new project comes all the team members whether they are formally or informally formed come together to discuss the problems and their solution.

Both the companies want positive effect in their employees that will ultimately dictate their work. Safety Needs— These include the safety and security from personal life, money, health, accidents and also protection from law and order.

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Management process and organisational behaviour assignment