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Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs. With access to 16 research databases and the ability to conduct its own research, Go Business Plans has vast resources to draw from when creating your plan.

The result of our research was the creation of a new template for managing the creation of open source projects. State of the Industry The value of a business plan has been a widely debated topic, as some companies have achieved success without laying out a firm framework.

The license has a lot of practical ramifications for the future of your project. Whether your business needs a business plan depends largely on your short-term goals as a company.

It has a short revision period, with a nine- or day turnaround time and a one- or two-day revision time. Attending conferences? Like other canvases, each section tackles a different aspect of your business plan.

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Thinkstock Take a look at the next desktop PC or laptop you come across. This could include a review of your existing business plan. Blog posts?

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TurboCASH Windowsaimed at the small to medium-sized business market, provides a general ledger and offers core functionality such as posting transactions into accounts and producing financial reports.

Time — Depending on how quickly you need your business plan, different services offer different turnaround times.

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Open Source Canvas: A business plan for your open source project