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The Constitution was thus narrowly ratified in Massachusetts, followed by Maryland and South Carolina. Beginning on December 7,five states— DelawarePennsylvania, New JerseyGeorgia and Connecticut—ratified the Constitution in quick succession. The facts upon which they have agreed shall likewise be stated, in order to abridge the process of law when it cannot be avoided.

Public Forces.

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The King shall appoint twenty Ecclesiastical Senators, among whom shall be all the Archbishops; their title shall be Bishop Senator. They emphasized states' rights and worried that the new central government was too strong.

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The list of voters of each district shall be sent to the department which shall examine the same, and the Grand Bailiff shall certify to the chancery, by the advice of the administrative body, the person elected.

The government of a nation should be constructed and administered so as to procure for it the greatest possible good.

There shall be an appeal from the decisions of the Judges, whether upon the principles or the adventitious circumstances, which shall be made, according to the nature of the case, to one or the other of the Stationary Tribunals.

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The Constitution