My wife and kids

Manipulative Bastard : Michael forced Junior to live in the garage for around about two seasons, as he had kicked Junior out of the house. Michael tells him in season three's "Sharon's Picture" that because he is in love with Kady, and Aretha is just his sister, he is certainly going to find anything that Kady does to be superior to his annoying little sister.

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He has been married to Janet Marie "Jay" Kyle since age 16, as a result of having gotten her pregnant with their first child Michael Kyle Jr. Michael would also have magical powers, such as making people vanish by pointing at them and saying "Poof!

Eventually adopted by the rest of the cast. Dope Slap : Michael often gives Junior these whenever he says something exceptionally stupid.

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All the men get their questions wrong, and after the women storm off the men realize that the women had yet to answer any questions, so they convince them to return so they can answer the men's questions. Eventually, Junior was joined by his wife and son in " The Remodel ", which led to him asking Michael if they could convert the garage into an apartment. In season one's "Making the Grade", Kady is shown to be able to speak multiple languages as the then 5-year-old sings Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish and Swahili as well as English. Add your rating See all 30 kid reviews. As she's leaving she says "Nutmeg", prompting Jay to say "What'd you call me?! Junior: In Junior's fantasy, Michael happens to be a big name rap-star who sold platinum albums. Small Name, Big Ego : Jay is convinced that she's a lot smarter and more attractive than she really is. He likes golfing. Tony often sought ways to prove his devotion to purity and to God using extreme measures, such as fasting for eight days and wearing a handmade religious hat to get the approval of God which backfires. Not Distracted by the Sexy : In the episode "They Call Me El Foosay", Jay dresses up as a sexy maid and talks seductively to Michael to try and get him away from the new foosball table. Really emphasized in the home movie episode where she destroys the tape of her getting hurt, declares it's the last time they'll ever see it Michael: It's even better live!

Edit Ken is Michael's brother. For example, Junior knows that the fact that humans having opposable thumbs separates the human species from animals.

My wife and kids

And everyone else just went along with this. Michael tells Jay that he'll deal with catching Junior out on the lie. Janet and Michael admonish their kids' chaotic behavior at the same time that they exhibit very childish behavior themselves -- it might be difficult for tweens and young teens to understand what's meaningless banter and what's inappropriate behavior. Junior has shown himself to be quite bright when the chips call for it, and he's a very talented portrait artist and cartoonist. While in the bathroom, Junior suffers a muscle spasm to his " joystick " while masturbating , much to his embarrassment when he is told this by the doctor treating him, when he ends up in the hospital. You let me play with a dead hamster?! Jay also had "What kind of foolishness? They are married and love each other and he helped delivered his grandson. Michael: I ain't erasing anything!

Jay: You're going to make a great mommy. In the season two episode "Letting Go", Claire begins dating Tony Jeffers, whom with the exception of a short-lived breakup in the season three episode "Claire's New Boyfriend", after Michael says that he approves of Tony leading Claire to briefly date a boy nicknamed "EZ", she remains with Tony for the rest of the series.

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Incorruptible Pure Pureness : Tony. It was a parody of the series. A running gag in the third and fourth seasons involved Michael saying "Ah, nah" in a nasal voice as a catchphrase, sometimes used by other characters, with different variations of this phrase used. Junior comes to help Michael at work and starts bossing around his employees on the grounds that being the boss's son means he's the second-in-command. Subverted though, in that he needed an excuse to throw him out because Junior got a tattoo and wasn't able to punish him for it. Families can talk about the relationship between the kids and their parents. Same also for Damon Wayans. He loves Kady with all of his heart and often says poetic comments to Kady, which often led Jay to slap Michael across the shoulder asking him "Why can't you be more like Franklin". In the fourth and fifth seasons, a running gag featured Jay often uttering a devilish laugh when she has a plan or when she thinks something is funny. Volleying Insults : Michael and Wanda communicate with each other this way. Despite this, Michael is always there to support Junior when he needs him. By the time he was allowed to move back in, Michael had converted his son's room into his own play area and didn't want to give it up. Michael had "Ehhhh

They miss their high school prom he used to have hair and then lost it they have Jr, Claire and Kady. He also successfully built a jungle gym for Kady though he accidentally got his head stuck between the bars after it was completed and is very talented when it comes to drawing, This aspect of Junior's character was highlighted heavily when they coordinated with ABC to develop an animated series.

Claire says that lately she has gotten annoyed with Michael and just wants to see him suffer, Jay tells her that she understands she's going through a rebellious phase, but that's still no reason to date the other guy, and suggests to Claire she break up with him and give Tony another chance.

Calling Me a Logarithm : A variation happens in the episode with Michael's sister. Which he did end up passing, because he genuinely thought his son was a magic baby for the time being.

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My Wife and Kids