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The impact cannot be overstated. So I wrote from there—from that striking detail. Although we appreciate these prestigious honors, we are most honored by the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones.

As an outsider on campus, its effectiveness actually causes a bit of a culture shock.

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So Hialeah, for me, is very much tied to the idea of family. One of the things I love about the stories in How to Leave Hialeah is that we have a conflict introduced almost immediately. What keeps pulling you back? But as a principal, you have to believe in continuous improvement. Pick up a copy of How to Leave Hialeah at your local indie bookstore. I think of Hialeah as this charging station—I mentioned familial batteries before. With My Health Rec, you can access your health records, share information with doctors, and save time paying bills — all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Do you see that dilemma in other characters? Click here to stay connected with Palmetto General Hospital. He speaks confidently, stands up straight, and radiates pride when conversation turns to his students, and to HEA—and that shared sense of purpose, that sense of community is reflected in the attitudes of the students of HEA.

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Students are off task. You will never fit in here the way you think you have so far. So Hialeah, for me, is very much tied to the idea of family.

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