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You will see approximately birds and that too of different variety. Owing to the remarkable work accomplished by the Mauritius Wildlife Fund, the island has become an international standard for the protection of natural resources and endangered species.

Day seven: It's your last day in paradise. Any village on the coast will likewise have several companies to do the same. It was reformatted, updated and republished in This mountainous island, away from the hustle-bustle of a typical tourist destination, is a treat for sea lovers.

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The island has been declared a nature conservation site and today is being preserved by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Location: It is 54 km from Louis Port. Luxury here is surprisingly affordable - Mauritius has some of the best value deals in the region. Mauritius Capital Port Louis Port Louis has conserved many historic and colonial buildings through the years. Mauritius Horse Trails www. Difficulty Level: Medium, and you can definitely take the help of professional trainer. It is a truly beautiful waterfall, some consider it as the best in Mauritius. Location: It is 50 km away from Port Louis, which makes it quite accessible. The museum has areas dedicated to music, art, antique maps, Chinese and Indian house wares and quirky contraptions like a colonial-era shower. Go to the Casela Wildlife Park www. Mauritians, a fusion of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese peoples, are renowned for their hospitality and visitors to the islands generally rave about the service. Deep sea fishing: Mauritius has some of the best deep sea fishing in the world and the Marlin World Cup www. The business and administrative capital of Mauritius, Port Louis is a beautiful town. You could spend the morning touring the old colonial center of town before grabbing lunch at Champ de Mars, the oldest horseracing track in the southern hemisphere. Highlights: One of the peculiar thing that you will find in this place will be rectangular flank rocks.

This paradise island of Mauritius constitutes of around hectares of land. The distance between Gabriel Island and Flat Island is only meters.

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It was construction in Mauritius Black River Gorges Nature Reserveorder to save the natural vegetation of the island and make it one of the most important Mauritius sightseeing.

Taking a dip in this lake during the The Grand Bassin is a holy lake for Mauritian of Hindu faith. You can even go for water skiing, glass bottom boats and more. It is said that the water inside the lake communicates with the waters of the holy Ganges of India.

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Mauritius Tourism - Economic Importance Tourism is the third pillar of the economy of Mauritius after the manufacturing sector and Agriculture.

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Mauritius Tourism