Life is uncertain death is

It is not the complete annihilation of this so-called being.

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If we would turn inwards to the recesses of our own minds and note with just that bare attention sati , note objectively without projecting an ego into the process, and then cultivate this practice for a sufficient length of time, as laid down by the Buddha in the Sati Patthana Sutta, then we will see these five aggregates not as an entity but as a series of physical and mental processes. Lastly, it can be due to external circumstances, viz, accidents, untimely happenings — working of natural phenomena or a Kamma of a previous existence not referred to in ii. He grows old and finally bids farewell to this world leaving the kith and kin in deep sorrow. That is why we contemplate death: it is not that we are eagerly looking forward to dying, but that we want to live and die without fear. Realizing thus, we must bravely face that natural occurence. This does not mean that Buddhists should view life with gloom. Existence is only a vision or illusion. Therefore, if we cut off Craving and Ignorance — birth is overcome, death conquered, Samsara is transcended and Nirvana attained. What we usually do is to avoid it and live as if we were never going to die.

Isaiah - But your iniquities wickedness; great injustice have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

Once life is launched, like a bullet it rushes to its destination — death. Realizing thus, we must bravely face that natural occurence. We call it growing up at first, then growing old, but it is just a single process of maturing, developing, and evolving ultimately towards inevitable death.

We had our forefathers and they in their turn had their own but where are they all now! For a start you need to reassure yourself.

death is certain life is not

Inevitably I am going to die — so does everybody, every plant, every form, every living being, which follows the same path.

One person was Kisagotami. However, by crying the child seems to suggest it has its share of suffering for coming into the world. This repetition of countless births is called Samsara. According to Buddhist philosophy what really happens, is that the last Javana or active thought process of the dying man releases certain forces which vary in accordance with the purity of the five Javana thought moments in that series.

Let not the sophisticated assume that a pessimistic view of life is being presented here.

Life is uncertain death is certain quote

It can be due to the simultaneous exhaustion of the above mentioned two causes — Ubhayakkhaya; and iv. Craving and Ignorance Can death be overcome? Uninvited we came into this world and unbidden we leave it. Losing her senses, she ran naked and wild in the streets until she met the Buddha. Illness and Death Both illness and death are natural causes of events in our life and must be accepted with understanding. We are not used to contemplate death or come to terms with it. We should be courageous enough to face facts. Death is real, and has to be faced — and Buddhism is a religion of reason that trains its followers to face facts, however unpleasant they may be. Visakha, those who have a hundred things beloved, they have a hundred sorrows. We should not delude ourselves with imagined or anticipated horrors — imaginations which never come to pass. All that which will follow us will be the qualities that we develop within us, the qualities of mind, the spiritual qualities and the good or bad qualities. As you learn God's Word through Church, Bible Studies and even this web site , you will grow more spiritually.

If this cycle of existence is to be stopped, it can be cut off only at the stage of Avijja Ignorance and Tanha Craving — These are the roots in this cycle of births and have to be exterminated.

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Life is Uncertain, Death is Certain