Inventory management studies in the philippines

Project Overview and Problem Statement The used of manual processes in business has decline since the rise of computerized and automated systems. Computer Studies Department 15 Asian Development Foundation College Tacloban City The manager must make an ordering decision in each period based only on historical sales data.

This module produces all the stocks of the company, including the status of a product whether it is still available, limited or out of stock.

Inventory management studies in the philippines

Any reduction in inventories, whether it is raw material, work-in-process, finished goods or supplies, can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. The research results show that when coupled with effective monitoring and an alert feature, the SMS technology, supply of products are in better control. It is a visual database designing and modeling access tool for MySQL server relational database. The demand of the product of the company is high. Because of their practical and economic importance, the subject of inventory control is a major consideration in many situations. Catelo denoted the importance of the Philippine Retail Food over the past decade. List of Optional Functional Units of the Software Product Optional Functional Units are units that even they are missing in the system the system will fulfills its main function but with degraded service quality. Dynamics, from Great Plains Software Inc.

Thus, a firm would come across situations in which the actual usage of inventory is higher than anticipated level and or the delivery of the inventory from the suppliers is delayed.

System lock. The objectives of their research study is to have an accurate sales, stock, availability of an items, lessen the work load of the management employee and have smooth flow of sales inventory. Estalioca, Ronie Mark T.

sales and inventory system in the philippines

Thus, proposed Online Sales and Inventory System of Tacloban ACME Hardware will help them to lessen to eliminate problems on sales, storage and retrieval of inventory data for the inventory status. Perhaps the greatest advantage to a comprehensive point-of-sale network is the freedom it can afford on personnel to devote their energy to what genuinely matters the most helping customers.

Abstract: Inventory systems play a vital role in a business setting because it lessens the time and burden in performing inventory of products. To understand how the existing system operates 2.

inventory system for small business philippines

Clearly, if we look in the box, we will find some number of items. This creates and adds more interests to the system.

Local inventory system philippines

There are other kinds of inventories, including spare parts inventories for maintenance and excess capacity built into facilities to take advantage of the economies of scale of construction. From a technical point of view, its a solution for the whole world, Nasser says. This module is for the purchases. The problem in the record transaction as: Delays, errors, omission, and the like result of misinformation to the management of the availability of stock and sold items. The following are the specific objectives that the proponents must accomplish. Sales and Inventories are materials stored, waiting for processing, or experiencing processing. Growth is seen not only in terms of numbers but more visible in terms of size, investment on structure and modernization in operation. The study also deals with sales inventory wherein the customer will purchase the item, and then the cashier will scan the barcode to the barcode reader machine and automatically compute the sold items, available and generate sales inventory report. This is a written document describing the list of supplies on hand. The company follows Safety Stock inventory management system. The effect of increased and or slower delivery would be a shortage of inventory. Ensures the consistency of data such as inventory reports and product summaries.
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