International business the coca cola company essay

Although Michael Porter applies that theory to international business, his focus remains on inter-company and inter industry competition, including Governments essentially as supporters [see Robinson,; Grosse and Kujawa, ; Boddewyn, ].

The firm has experienced punitive disapproval in the most recent duo of months in which its experts are dealt with Guatemala.

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Intermediaries: It includes distributers, whole sellers and retailers. Social media is an imperative public relations tool for companies to utilize in their business practices Competitive advantages: The business strategy literature has long emphasized firm-specific competitive advantages that enable individual firms to outcompete temporarily or permanently their rivals [e.

Coca-Cola has a business strategy that has been taking place for the last years. Profit: Maximizing long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

There is a difference in developing a plan for a single country as compared to that of multiple countries. Working with diverse people with different talents and ideas helps in easy distribution of products to countries and communities with different ethnicities.

coca-cola international business strategy for globalization
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Essay on Coca Cola Company