Identify personal and professional strengths that will support achieving your desired future nursing

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If decisions are taking place about patient care and a nurse is not at the decision-making table, important perspectives will be missed. Recent declines in the numbers of community and public health nurses, however, have made the leadership imperative for these nurses much more challenging.

A personal mission and vision statement gives you something to strive for at every stage of your career.

Identify personal and professional strengths that will support achieving your desired future nursing

A: Find quiet place where you feel at ease and where you will not be interrupted. If you feel really inspired, you may even want to expand it with more detail and turn it into a personal development plan. CNOs face growing issues of contending not only with increased responsibilities, but also with budget pressures and difficulties with staffing, retention, and turnover levels during a nursing shortage Jones et al.

Also in Florida, in the late s, Dorothy Smith, the first dean of the new University of Florida College of Nursing, developed nursing practice models that brought nursing faculty into the hospital in a joint nursing service.

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Their leadership is vital in ensuring that new state-and federal-level policies are based on evidence and will help increase quality and access while decreasing costs and health care disparities. Looking for more project management tips?

Likewise, an increasing number of nurses are being trained in incident command as part of preparedness for natural disasters and possible terrorist attacks. Two nursing researchers who have studied collaboration among health professionals define it as a communication process that fosters innovation and advanced problem solving among people who are of different disciplines, organizational ranks, or institutional settings [and who] band together for advanced problem solving [in order to] discern innovative solutions without regard to discipline, rank, or institutional affiliation [and to] enact change based on a higher standard of care or organizational outcomes.

Although chief nursing officers CNOs typically are part of the hierarchical decision-making structure in that they have authority and responsibility for the nursing staff, they need to move up in the reporting structure of their organizations to increase their ability to contribute to key decisions.

Why do you want to be exactly where you are?

Where do you think you need the most help or improvement to meet your long-term goals?

Clarity of thought is the first step towards developing good public speaking skills, as it allows you to be concise, deliver your message with high impact and gain credibility. They must speak the language of policy and engage in the political process effectively, and work cohesively as a profession. Review your vision and mission statement. Draw a picture of yourself and your surroundings five years from now. It expresses your vision for where you want to be in the future and it reflects your values, goals, and purpose and how you want to operate. Formal preparation of student nurses may need to go beyond what has traditionally been considered nursing education. Nurses should have a voice in health policy decision making, as well as being engaged in implementation efforts related to health care reform. Given that a nursing school does not exist in every community, however, such partnerships cannot achieve change on the scale needed to transform the health care system. How are you feeling? Planning and goal setting One of the most practical ways to achieve multiple goals simultaneously, without being too overwhelmed, is by prioritising. A survey found that 62 percent of boards included a quality committee Governance Institute, This is one area, then, in which nurse board members can have a significant impact. Leadership in a Collaborative Environment As noted in Chapter 1 , a growing body of research has begun to highlight the potential for collaboration among teams of diverse individuals from different professions Paulus and Nijstad, ; Pisano and Verganti, ; Singh and Fleming, ; Wuchty et al. Yet while the benefits of collaboration among health professionals have repeatedly been documented with respect to improved patient outcomes, reduced lengths of hospital stay, cost savings, increased job satisfaction and retention among nurses, and improved teamwork, interprofessional collaboration frequently is not the norm in the health care field. The Affordable Care Act ACA provides opportunities for demonstration projects and pilot programs directed at various elements of nursing.

Responding opinion leaders predicted that nurses will have little influence on health care reform over the next 5—10 years see Figure

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Leadership and Management in Nursing and Health Care Essay Sample