Iban marriage

Food for more than people was served way past midnight.

Iban lifestyle

Before drinking the two sacred wines, the chanting bard will ask the warriors of their praisenames which they declare to the audience, which indicate the achievements of the warriors and are often followed by war cries and standing ovations. Prawn noodles are also a future item. Divorce may be initiated by either partner and, with mutual consent, is relatively easy. The session can be a lengthy affair as both speakers from each side will give their best speeches mostly in classical Iban. The river we wash in is thick and brown with silt stirred up by the logging upriver. In the ruai beneath our beds, teenagers play heavy metal at maximum distort on competing powerful stereo speakers all night. The bilik-family that occupies a particular place in an Iban longhouse is usually a nuclear family but can also contain grandparents or members that joined through adoption or other means. Also read article about Iban from Wikipedia User Contributions: Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. New Zealand flags fly from sacrificial altars. The largest of Sarawak's ethnic groups, the Ibans form 30 percent of the State's population of 2. They are the leaders of the house and they decide how bilik-families occupy each apartment. Longhouses made sense in the old days because the were easier to defend than dwelling spread out all over the place. An elder chants a blessing while passing a chicken back and forth over the plates. Like the Vietnamese in stature, the Iban have finely chiselled faces, broad smiles, high cheekbones and glossy black hair.

A bigger and more important set of offerings is served on tabak brass tray or bebendai brass snare. The pigs groan and howl in dying agony as their throats are slashed.

iban history and culture

Garry and Susie sit on gongs while Apai, Susie's dad, circles them three times with his prize fighting cock. A motive called "Lebor Api" Melting Fire is used to ceremously receive freshly-taken heads.

Religious ceremonies generally fall into four categories 1 agricultural festivals; 2 healing rituals; 3 ceremonies connected with head hunting; and 4 rituals of the dead. Domestic Unit. All major and minor gods are offered piring offerings to ensure prosperity and peace during the occasions and in life.

Here the God invoked is Selampandai for fertility and procreation purposes to bear many children. Wild pigs, deer and other animals are hunted with dogs, traps and nets.

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An Iban wedding