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While traditional media outlets—especially daily newspapers—struggle to find their sea legs in the new digital media universe, it may seem unfair to pin too much of the blame on one single media entity, and indeed, other news organizations, including Forbes and Salon, solicited unpaid submissions from writers.

And we know that organizational justice and trust in senior management are very closely tied. Well, not exactly. I would write for them in a heartbeat.

I kept contributing because it was a very enjoyable way to pass the time, mainly.

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He teaches courses in media studies and journalism at Concordia University and Marianopolis College. Within two years, I started getting offers to become a paid columnist for sites like Forbes, BNet, and Entrepreneur. On her site, Anne offers a variety of coaching and training programs for women who want to lose weight. It shouldn't be. That ended up being a good decision. So, what are you waiting for? Find the biggest audience you can, and write your heart out.

Making salary information public has its pros and cons. I urge them not to write for free, even if the site gets a lot of traffic. Many freelance writers rejoiced last week when the web site HuffPost formerly The Huffington Post announced it would be paying for all written contributions.

Usually, salaries are based on some sort of formula that ensures pay levels are fair. But she writes for The Huffington Post for free.

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Huffington Post Reporter Salaries