How to write a bach fugue in c-major

It consisted of preludes and fugues played across the 24 keys, starting from C major, then moving to C minor, C-sharp major and C-sharp minor, and ending with B major and B minor.

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Accessed March 18, Yale University Press. In this section, the theme never overlaps itself.

bach prelude in c major

Follows the complete analysis of the fugue. Based on the original performance by Frenchman Pierre-Laurent Aimard, the digital transformation was achieved by first recording a simultaneous performance on an electric piano by American music visualisation specialist Matthew Bain and then transferring the digital notes to special software for processing.

We have numbered the subject and answers appearance. A growing number of the pieces are discussed on the Open Well-Tempered Clavier website.

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The two collections later became known as Book 1 and Book 2. With four voices, the technical challenges to the pianist are enormous. The development begins in the measure 7 until the measure 23, during this part harmonically passes through am, dm and G Major ex: Am: the deceptive cadence in m V-i ; dm: m19 V-I and GM: m 21 V-I. Finally, there is an outstanding set of analysis with illustrations and examples by Timothy. At the start of the cycle, however, Bach bluffs us with "simplicity". The fugue can be divided in exposition, development and coda. A fugue is a style of musical composition where a Theme melody is introduced, and then repeated in one or more other voices. Topics: stretto and expositional Topics: Lutheranism, chiasmus, lamento, triple fugue, Bach symbols, Key concepts: Classic example of subject inversion and augmentation; fugue like. Prelude[ edit ] Unlike the Prelude in C major that opens book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier, which consists mostly of broken chords, this prelude features a continuously flowing sequence of melodic ideas that Cecil Gray , p.

As you watch, you'll see that Bach uses stretto more and more, which heightens the tension of the piece. Prelude and Fugue no.

The first incomplete appearance is in measure The 4 last notes are missing, yet this voice enters in a stretto, so you really hear it as a subject entrance even if the 4 last notes are missing.

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Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV