How does miller present the relationship between john and elizabeth proctor

At the start it is awkward and tender. The Crucible is a four-act dramatic play production that was first performed on January 22, This is shown through his actions at the end of the play. It is the first scene in which we are given actual evidence of their affair, which up until their conversation in Act 1 is only rumoured.

john and elizabeth proctor relationship essay

Detroit: Gale. Miller uses Danforth to symbolise the blackness and corruption of this perverse justice system in Salem, which seems only to destroy innocent people in the name of God.

john proctor and elizabeth conflict

Furthermore, I think such a relationship demonstrates and represents — on a smaller scale — just how the town was acting. However, some people might say that John ought to take humiliation for his sins, rather than accept the punishment of death, which comes for the issue of witchcraft rather than adultery.

She is also cunning as well as manipulative, in that she realises that she can generate hysteria in the other girls and she uses this to defend and strengthen her own argument and accusations. The Crucible is a play that recounts the times of this incident.

For the most part, it follows a man known as John Proctor. It could be argued that Proctor, as a grown and married man, should have known never to begin the affair with Abigail.

Although his confession would have a allowed him to stay alive and b given him freedom; it would have also a allowed others to die and b drenched his name and reputation in witchery and deceit. She was fighting a battle inside of herself that only she knew the depth of.

It is true that John is heroic for giving his life rather than confessing to witchery and furthermore condemning other accused victims who were just as equally innocent as himself.

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How does Miller present the relationship between Abigail and Proctor? Essay Example