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How did this change happen? You fooled everybody. Prop 19 would be a social experiment on a gargantuan scale, with repercussions too vast to predict. Tambourine Man. In , The Chronic cometh; rapper and producer Dr. That said, marijuana offers a number of benefits that can help you with songwriting when used appropriately, and a few shortcomings that can become a hindrance if used excessively. Did you find this article helpful? Marijuana can ease you into that mode. Great work, guys.

Finally, since bands that only sing about weed are as boring as people that can only talk about it, a more versatile artist will close this show. Yes, it is. The Mighty Diamonds' classic was loved by many in Jamaica, but exploded it in the U.

You fooled everybody.

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Or, rather, stone it. That would very kind.

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Dre's first solo record—named after pot slang, packed in a cover paying homage to Zig-Zags. To witness them perform it in concert is to see burly security guards hopelessly attempt to put out dozens of simultaneously lit-up joints. Dre's "The Next Episode," Petty's hit isn't really about weed. Marijuana, of course, is an inanimate object. The country legend's stuff might be a little too powerful for Keith, who opts for the whiskey and declares, "I'll never smoke weed with Willie again. Guess how long the track "Smokin'" is? Muggles" was a slang term for marijuana before there ever was a Hogwart's. Soon, everyone had gotten stoned. Smoke weed every day! Except for Dylan. Well, the likely answer would be it depends on which part of the songwriting process is weaker. If you find it hard to come up with unique, original thoughts, some evidence shows that marijuana might help you in such conditions. However, the same studies also show that the same drug can impair your ability to put those new thoughts together into something that makes musical sense.

Doobie tunes snuck back into the public mind though folk music, with innocuous-sounding titles like "Puff, the Magic Dragon," and Bob Dylan's "Mr. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

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Mary Jane! Guess how long the track "Smokin'" is? At last, with full social acceptance nearly at hand, we have that strictly 21st century musical phenomenon—the all-weed band. Prop 19, in short, might just mean that the War on Drugs is over. Anytime, anywhere is the mentality when it comes to the toke on Sublime's hit, "Smoke Two Joints. John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" showed it doesn't have to sound good. It allows you to enjoy the subject at hand with minimal distractions. Once again, anything relatable that speaks to other stoners is always going to be a hit but with a message this real, it could still played on repeat even 15 years later.
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