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EssayHouse offers flexible hours year round.

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We can arrange coaching to meet your situation. Students need to be vulnerable and tell their story. When students finish the day, they will be equipped to handle any application essay. Selective colleges and many scholarship committees review applications holistically, meaning the entire application beyond the ACT and GPA. Supplements Workshop Sign Up Form. I believe a workshop is the most effective and inspiring way to get students started on their college personal statement. How should I structure my essay? First, complete our enrollment form to be matched with a coordinator who can help you sign up for the workshops.

This workshop helps students put together the very best application they can. They also receive digital versions of my popular writing guides, Escape Essay Hell!

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Summer In addition to summertime, evening, weekend, and after-school coaching, we can arrange school-season lunch-time appointments at EssayHouse, conveniently located on Park Street, just across from Montclair High School.

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Put together you own group of 2 or more cyber or in-personand the per-person cost goes down! One-to-One Coaching is offered by the hour for any part of the application and for all stages of the writing process.

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The kids won't stop talking about you! Students will learn how to: Craft effective narrative-style personal essays to set them apart from the crowd Brainstorm unique topics and real-life stories to breathe life and interest into their essay writing Use powerful writing techniques to power their essays, including anecdotes, dialogue, sensory details, etc. We don't ask kids to do this much, but they need to look within themselves and understand why they are who they are. That thought couldn't be further from the truth. During the workshops, a College Essay Coach is there to guide the student through any roadblocks and help them move forward with confidence. We know what schools are looking for in the supplementary writing sections, and we guide students toward purposeful concise writing that hones in on just the right themes. In a business that usually takes a very impersonal approach, you instead make writing a college essay very much an intimate process, which will help me not only with my application but really in the whole business of life itself.

A great workshop will also save you tons of time. Students get two hours of uninterrupted time to really focus on their essays with guidance from a professional!

Yes, some senior English teachers assign the college essay, but I feel they sometimes get it wrong too.

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He works privately with a small number of students.

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