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More than half of their households rely on external water sources such as dams, streams or wells; only two out of five households have latrines.

Its programmes target education, political participation, human rights education and capacity-building.

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Examples include discrimination against Chinese who were born in regions of the countryside that are far away from cities that are located within China, and discrimination against Americans who are from the southern or northern regions of the United States.

Furthermore, the constitutions of India art. Their progress should be regularly monitored.

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These bodies should be independent and provided with sufficient funding, resources and staff to adequately fulfil their mandate. Many also have no or limited access to public services, including health care, as well as to government schemes and entitlements, and are de facto prohibited from owning land. Although the following examples are not exhaustive, they aim to be illustrative of caste-affected communities in different regions. In South Asia, Dalits comprise the majority of people subjected to domestic bonded labour, and a large number of victims of trafficking in persons, sexual slavery and other forms of labour exploitation are members of low castes. The location and infrastructure of their homes, usually in remote and marginal lands such as floodplains, coastal towns and unstable hillsides, on the periphery of settlements and poorly equipped in terms of basic amenities such as drains, flood barriers and drinking water, may also increase their vulnerability to natural disasters. It also leads to extreme exclusion and dehumanization of caste-affected communities, who are often among the most disadvantaged populations, experience the worst socioeconomic conditions and are deprived of or severely restricted in the enjoyment of their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Women and girls from low castes are particularly vulnerable to violation and denial of their rights in both public and private life. Hiring detectives to investigate the background of job applicants is reported to be common. The Government's recently launched consultation on caste discrimination reveals something very alarming. In Yemen, the Muhamasheen have no political representation at the national level. He called for ending discrimination against women on the basis of religion and other factors.

The division of a society into castes is a global phenomenon not exclusively practised within any particular religion or belief system. According to some estimates, 50 per cent of the Haratine community is subjected to de facto slavery through domestic servitude and bonded or forced labour; 90 per cent of those affected are women.

According to the Bihar Education Minister, Krishnandan Prasad Verma, the government has started an inquiry about the same, assuring that those found guilty would be punished.

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In addition, despite modest increases in college enrolment, the percentage of Buraku university students is still well below the national average. Accusations of witchcraft are sometimes made to deprive Dalit women of their basic economic and social rights, including access to land and their assets.

Caste-affected States should urgently take robust action to eradicate such violations through, inter alia, the enactment and effective implementation of specific legislation and the adoption of special measures, policies and programmes to address the entrenched situation of marginalization and exclusion experienced by women and girls owing to their caste status.

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The reality is that such discrimination does exist in the UK and it is rooted in and perpetuated by religion. At the time of writing the present report, a guidance tool on descent-based discrimination, including key challenges and strategic approaches to combat caste-based and analogous forms of discrimination, was being finalized.

They comprise a myriad of sub-caste groups and, although subjected to similar forms of discrimination across the region, the situation of Dalits in caste-affected countries differs for historical and political reasons.

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Attempts to challenge these prohibitions are often severely punished through violence against caste-affected individuals and retaliation against their communities. Can we not just all accept that any prejudice and discrimination based on a person's origin is unfair and unacceptable in a modern society and that it should be unlawful? In India, the Constitution and its amendments permit special measures for the social and educational advancement of marginalized communities, including scheduled castes, and provide reservations of electoral seats in the Lower House and state legislatures for scheduled castes. Population displacement due to war and the tsunami has resulted in a large internal displaced population in the Jaffna peninsula, with a disproportionate presence of Panchamar groups now in camps for internally displaced persons. Despite the passing of the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act in , the practice reportedly persists, institutionalized through State practice, with local governments and municipalities employing manual scavengers. The "occupational groups", also referred to as "sab" a collective term for "low-caste" , include the Midgan also known as Gaboye, Madguban and Musse Deriyo , Tumal and Yibro. Those who have attempted to speak in the panchayat have been subjected to backlash, and even violence, against members of their caste. Outside the school, however, all students cutting across religion and caste lines play together, arrive at school together and return home along with their schoolmates.
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