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I hope you enjoyed writing it as much we enjoyed reading it. For questions, please contact:. A notebook with class materials will be provided.

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I had trouble brainstorming on ideas for my essay, but I learned many tricks from Ms. How will they connect with their leaders? Writing communicates your thought processes, professionalism, and credibility. It gives you the tools to create a great college essay I really enjoyed this class! We open with some group instruction for introduction and context and for idea-generation exercises, but even on Day 1 we meet one-on-one with each student. College Essay College Essay and Personal Essay We help every applicant, no matter their prior comfort level with writing, compose a powerful personal essay that transmits who they are in the most important ways. We plan to conference with each student each day, multiple times with each student per day if possible and if the student requests multiple conferences. Check out our creative writing camp.

It gives you the tools to create a great college essay I really enjoyed this class! Tags Tags. We can, however, promise a program that encourages individual reflection and creative risk-taking with regard to the college essay.

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Employee retention and productivity increase. Cheers, Director of Admissions A top school We serve students who have not yet begun the college application process, students who may already have a draft they want to polish, and students who are anywhere in-between.

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Do I have to bring a laptop computer?

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College Essay Writing Program in Maine