Chicago manual style citation research paper

The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking. Translated book Note 1. Consistency and clarity should be maintained at each hierarchical level. Home Alone. Lesser known reference books can be cited in the bibliography. If there are four or more authors, list up to ten in the bibliography; in a note, list only the first, followed by et al.

John Jaimeson.

chicago manual of style 17th edition pdf

The only difference is the location of the publication year, which is placed right after the author when using the Author-Date system and after the publisher when using the Notes system.

When a source is used in a research paper, a roman numeral is placed at the end of the borrowed information as superscript it is smaller than the normal line of text and raised.

Plaintiff v. Subheadings should not end with periods. Bibliography entry Thoreau, Henry David. Borel, Fact-Checking, —5. Egan1.

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Tips on Using Chicago Manual Style of Citation