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It must stand for something.

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Marketing strategies plays significant part as well. AAG TV was the first one to took a step to unite them all and bring them under one roof, which served as the sole objective of the channel: i. Brand im- age is the consequence of several external factors influencing consumer percep- tion Jobber, and how the brand identity is perceived by the consumer Boisvert, Burton, Target audience plays the most important role in making or breaking the identity of a brand, everything should be pre-planned before the product burst out in the market. According to Hanzaee and Chitsaz , the Halal industry includes lifestyle products such as cosmet- ics and services such as finance. AAG TV has already set their leash; they know who their target audience and do not get their focus away from them by any mean and the target audience will going to stay only when they see good content, at the end of the day that is what matters, if a brand makes an awesome title with great visuals, chances of catching the target consumers would be more. As explained in Appendix 5, each company determines what their brand identity is Nandan, Khan has been in the field since , with short stints at Spectrum and Argus under her belt. AAG TV was launched in , and at that time there was a major need for this sort of channel. They will be proud to wear it because AAG is their own. AAG TV has now become a popular TV channel which has been focusing on the youth to discover themselves by challenging them to have a new experience, and it is basically the most colourful and lively brand which gives youth, the power to speak, fulfil their dreams by showing them what they want to see, educating them and bringing the awareness. I asked few questions from the marketing team and the creative team members and the youth as well, because I was so curious to know what people and the youth thinks of F a t a h y a b 12 AAG TV and at the same time I wanted to know what the creative people who makes the brand thinks about it. Actually does a lot, generally our distribution is kind of, as appropriate as it could be, once if our distribution is probably improved we could reach out more of the target market, and another thing that we have to do is we have to explicitly state out our brand identity, because basically when people see us as a music channel, most of people probably do not correct that. The average Pakistani youth is the most enthusiastic consumer of entertaining TV programmes.

Appendix 2 shows all requirements according to the Halal concept. This is even more important when creating brand identity Srivastava, ; Nandan,as brands need to base themselves on Islamic principles in order to attract Muslim consumers Alserhan, b.

Many people fear the unknown Johns et al.

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De Run et al. Branding Creating distinctive benefits for a product, service, person or landmark beyond price and function Alserhan, a.

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She is a great team leader and is equally proficient at spearheading creative ideas in English as well as Urdu. FINDINGS: This chapter include different data collection of the research I have been doing so far, I have gone through some surveys regarding the topic of my dissertation and have taken interviews from the people who are not only relevant to my topic of dissertation, but have thorough understanding of the term, brand identity. Consumers themselves may also provide feedback on specifics about the design or the product to get what they really want. AAG TV was the first one to took a step to unite them all and bring them under one roof, which served as the sole objective of the channel: i. Brand for Bilal is a promise to the consumers made from the seller s. Chapter 3 Literature Review 3. We will maintain our leadership position in the energy drink market. Waqf Donation of property, dedicated to God for all time, which allows public use of this good and thus benefits the society Temporal, Islamic Branding Islamic branding can be defined in three different ways Alserhan, b , namely Islamic brands by Compliance: Brand follows the Islamic rules and values Origin: Brand comes from a mainly Muslim country Customer: Brand is made for Muslim consumers. Brand equity was measured after summarizing all these variables. How the consumer perceives it remain as important as all of these efforts, so it is actually both the brand and the consumer who set the overall image of the brand. Fatahyab 9 the target audience then who would you sell your brand to and if you are the target audience then who would you buy as a consumer. Although Muslim countries cannot be treated as one market Hanzaee, Chitsaz, , it can be argued that the motivation for Halal products is the same Wilson, due to common faith, needs and values Baligh, ; OIBMF,

Thus, strong brands are becoming more important when communicating to the consumer Goodchild, Callow, in a highly globalised and competitive market Zakaria, Abdul-Talib, Rarrick et al. Waqf Donation of property, dedicated to God for all time, which allows public use of this good and thus benefits the society Temporal,

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Brand Origin Place, region or country which is associated or perceived by target consumer that a brand is coming from Thakor, Kohli, To whom it is directed and in what competitive context it exists for them. Advertisements play the most important role in image building of a product and help it to upgrade itself into a well known brand. Talking about consumers his prime concept about the target audience was that they are the decision makers, who decide whether they feel like to be associated with the particular brand. You have to understand the target audience and then talk to them in the voice that they are expecting, if I am selling to a rural Punjabi audience and if I am doing my work in English, it is not going to work out. Hence, after knowing personality traits of a brand, agency works accordingly on campaigning of it. Target market raises the brand, because if target market is not there, we do not have a brand. This is more surprising when considering the high attractiveness of the market: Islam is the fastest growing religion Rarick et al. The TV viewing habits change faster now especially amongst those less than thirty years old. And last but not the least I am very thankful to all my friends and teachers who have been so generous in providing me with their precious time.
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