Book analysis the stone boy

But the careful reader sees the difference between what Arnold says and who he is, between his flat demeanor and the vast depth of his loss. Around Arnold feels foolish, expecting his brother to make fun of him for this mistake.

When Arnold realizes what he has done, his first action is to pick the half a tub of peas he was sent for. As well, throughout the decade, automation began to be introduced on farms. Arnold sees a spot of blood at the back of his neck.

What are they? His last words show that he treats Arnold as many older brothers would treat their younger siblings. Social Conformity and Rebellion The s saw the rise of the value placed on social conformity.

the stone boy questions

By the end of the story, Arnold has tacitly accepted their judgment and has determined to turn himself into what they see him as. Arnold may have come to accept his new role in the course of one night, or he may be so angry at his parents for allowing him to be unfairly cast that he wants to punish them by withholding himself.

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Analysis of The Stone Boy by Gina Berriault Book Report/Review