Anger causality and bad attitude

biological causes of aggression

We may react violently in situations in which we are uncomfortable or fearful or when another person has provoked us, but we may react more calmly in other settings.

In Epstein, N.

How does cognition affect behavior

Once we have formed them, both schemas and attitudes allow us to judge quickly and without much thought whether someone or something we encounter is good or bad, helpful or hurtful, to be sought out or avoided. The term covariation simply means that a person has information from multiple observations, at different times and situations, and can perceive the covariation of an observed effect and its causes. Salivary testosterone and cortisol in delinquent and violent urban subculture. However, in order for reciprocal altruism to work, people have to keep track of how benefits are exchanged, to be sure that everyone plays by the rules. Testosterone is not the only biological factor linked to human aggression. Google Scholar McClosky, H. Hormonal response to competition in human males. Of men, macho, and marital violence. In Pirog-Good, M. Scanlon From the hard incompatibilist perspective, however, this claim is mistaken.

Temper and temperature on the diamond: The heat-aggression relationship in major league baseball. Frequently expressions of moral anger are intended to cause physical or emotional pain.

Journal of Politics, 57 4— Google Scholar Foo, L. The researchers correlated the testosterone levels and the descriptions of each of the fraternities. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 20 1— It is not surprising that infants would not have developed the capacities to have thoughts like "I'm sad about what my brother has done to me, and now I will try, diplomatically, to improve this relationship.

The origins of symbolic racism. Using a nationally representative experiment over two waves, I induced several emotions to elicit anger, fear, enthusiasm, or relaxation.

personal causes of aggression

Strength and duration of the effect of aggressive, violent, and erotic communications on subsequent aggressive behavior. Google Scholar Copyright information. Examining animal training is especially instructive, since professional animal trainers are often highly motivated to hinder anger or its expression if it will facilitate better performance.

Evolution of human intelligence: The roles of brain size and mental construction.

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Free Will, Love, And Anger