Analysis on the story of an hour

Jamil exclaims to her audience that," Mrs.

Analysis on the story of an hour

As with many successful short stories, however, the story does not end peacefully at this point but instead creates a climactic twist. She went to one room and locked herself alone to ponder what the death of her husband brought to her life. Mallard spends a lot of time thinking about how her life is going to be now that her "husband is gone" and this further raises the question of how happy is she really.

Throughout "The Story of an Hour", her constant bafflement toward freedom has led readers to confuse whether her heart condition has anything to do with her reaction.

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In the same article, Jamil shows the repression that Mrs. They are with Josephine, Mrs. She realizes after her husband's apparent death that she is "free, free, free". Due to her heart condition, her sister had to take care while breaking the bad news to her. As a result, Mrs. This repression of herself, that she dealt with, has now been removed, enabling her to be free. But that isn't quite accurate. Mallard keeps whispering to herself, "Free! Why would she be so happy when she just found out that her husband, Brentley, had died? While Mrs.

The story is vague on that particular topic. Sad and happy moments alternate in the protagonist, Mrs.

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Ellen Harrington states "It's not as if her husband is mean or abusive, but she is trapped in a relationship that limits her freedoms as an individual. However, upon reflection, she decides this is a good thing.

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