An analysis of the theme development in the crucible by arthur miller

It includes lies that people tell to save their false reputations in society. Various characters base their actions on the desire to protect their respective reputations.

Danforth, a deputy Governor, sits for judgment against the accusers of witchcraft. Most of the characters of the story strive hard to maintain their reputations. It is seen through the characters of Danforth and Hale.

What is the main theme of the crucible

Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, and John Proctor,. The girls of the town tell lies in the court thinking they can continue this by deceiving others. Those who think or act independently… Hysteria In The Crucible, neighbors suddenly turn on each other and accuse people they've known for years of practicing witchcraft and devil-worship. The characters want to be seen as good by the whole village. Second, The Crucible also presents a theocratic society where the Church and state are one, and no one can go against this system. Most of the characters of the story strive hard to maintain their reputations. The prominent example is John Proctor, who hides his affair with Abigail. People in Salem intend to look genuine in the eyes of society. Mary is a dynamic character, who is bound to change in the drama, The Crucible written by Arthur Miller. Even in the court after confessing his crime, he tries to save his name. Parris, Abigail, and others to protect their reputations. The rapid growth of hysteria in Salem destroys the impact of rational thinking.

Rebecca Nurse and, eventually, John Proctor, choose to protect their integrity. On the contrary, there were many women like Rebecca, a nurse, who chooses to sacrifice herself over false statement. However, as the play progresses, he considers them innocent and tries to save them.

Almost every character is concerned with the concept of goodness, because their religion teaches them that the most important thing in life is how they will be judged by God after they die.

Even in the court after confessing his crime, he tries to save his name.

the crucible analysis

But communities that focus primarily on social order leave no room for personal freedom. The theme that seems to be the center point of the story is religion.

Themes in the crucible with quotes

Hale also becomes the victim of his guilt, as he once believed people engaged in witchcraft are sinners. The most prominent character, Abigail, portrayed as a promiscuous young woman, represents a few women during that period. Theme 2 Hysteria Hysteria also upholds thematic significance in the play because the society in Salem is engulfed in the accusations of witchcraft. She is selfish and becomes extremely revengeful when John leaves her. Meanwhile, the protagonist, John Proctor, also seeks to keep his good name from being tarnished. When something goes wrong in the town, religion is sought out as a cause. John struggles the most with goodness: it takes signing a false confession, then ripping it up, for him to recognize that the only way he can be good is by being honest and true to himself.
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Themes in The Crucible with Examples and Analysis