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Aylmer says this was the result of overstimulation. He elects to cut out her heart as well in his attempt to remove the birthmark.

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He essentially wants to be married to a divine being, one who is morally impeccable and will never die or be degraded to the level of other humans. Aylmer does not allow sunlight into his laboratory because it would ruin his experiments, so he instead uses chemical lamps to light the room. But when the picture is ready, it prominently shows her birthmark, and so he throws it into acid. He has obviously thought about the morality of science and its interaction with nature, and passes judgment on those who pursue alchemy or the elixir of life without a thought for the moral implications. However, his pride blinds him to the fact that his own experiments with the birthmark might have moral implications, as well. When Georgiana thinks she might want to see the outside world, he conjures up very realistic images of it within the room. However, the image comes out blurry except for the shape of the birthmark, which dominates her cheek. Georgiana's death is foreshadowed in Aylmer's dream of cutting out the mark, in which he discovers the birthmark is connected to her heart. First, Aylmer causes a number of optical illusions, making it look like he is summoning spirits. It becomes less visible when she blushes, but is more visible when she is pale. When she wakes, it takes Georgiana a moment to remember where she is, and she automatically covers the birthmark with her hand. She takes a look in the mirror and smiles.

Similarly, instead of obsessing over Georgiana's splendid beauty, he quickly forgets it. Active Themes One day soon after Aylmer and Georgiana are married, Aylmer asks his wife if she has ever considered trying to remove the birthmark on her cheek.

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Aylmer tells her that he had dreamed that he removed the birthmark, which ran beyond her skin and went deep down to her heart, which he decided to cut out. Georgiana is horrified, but Aylmer tells her that applied carefully, the poison can also work to remove skin blemishes. Some of them have yearned to kiss it. However, nobody is flawless. Aylmer seems to lack self-awareness. Aylmer tells her to pick it and smell its scent, because it will soon die and leave only its seeds to continue its existence on earth. Analysis[ edit ] Like many of the tales Hawthorne wrote during his time living in The Old Manse , "The Birth-Mark" discusses the psychological impact in sexual relations. Relationships are difficult to begin and harder to maintain. A few days later, Georgiana informs him that he was talking in his sleep and saying, "It is in her heart now; we must have it out!. Active Themes While Aylmer works, Georgiana reads the books in his laboratory, which recount the achievements of famous scientists throughout history. Active Themes Next, Aylmer presents Georgiana with a pot of dirt. Hawthorne was a newlywed when he wrote The Birthmark. Summary Analysis In the late eighteenth century, a great scientist named Aylmer takes a break from his experiments to marry a beautiful woman named Georgiana. He however notes that his wife looks extremely pale. He moves on to taking her picture in a special way.

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Aylmer enters carrying a glass of colorless liquid, anxious but claiming that the medicine is perfect. Georgiana is shocked that he would even consider pursuing this kind of power, but Aylmer reassures her that he would never actually go after these discoveries.

Despite her exquisite beauty, Georgina had a small defect, present in her cheek in the form of a small red birthmark shaped like a tiny hand. Georgiana's death is foreshadowed in Aylmer's dream of cutting out the mark, in which he discovers the birthmark is connected to her heart.

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