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If you think that your students would need more time, give them longer. A maze in graph form 5. They then go into the exam and either re-produce these answers, usually with lots of mistake, or they try to fit them into their essays. Ask them to extract the information from the chart as quickly as possible.

In-other words, it is not testing memory. Section 3 is usually a conversation in an educational or training context, e.

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Your future plans 5. Task 1 or Task 2 first? More complex terms Exercise 10 Read the text relating to the graph as per Exercise 3 and ask the students to fill in the blank spaces. Once you started with your first word, it continued into sentences, and you never stopped. Well, this is because the native English speakers use slangs and idioms when they speak, and they speak phrases that are full of these idioms and slangs. A question should be given here, eg What is the main reason for learning languages among native and non-native speakers? If you know only these words and phrases, you will able to speak English better than other people who might know thousands of useless words. You can combine this with Exercise 10 and have one student fill in the blanks on the chart by asking questions or the partner dictating. Exercise 4 The procedure here is the same as for the previous exercise.

Exercise 8 Give the student the exercise to do on their own and set a time limit of 2—4 minutes. Section 3 contains a number of exercises on checking and editing. Native speakers have special recognition all over the world for their accent.

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Many teachers and schools tell you that the grammar is important before even you start thinking and speaking in English, but it will stop your ability to speak automatically.

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Task 1: Bar charts