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This impresses Becky and later on in the episode she 'breaks it off' with Sam. Sam asks if Chuck knew where it was, but Becky says it's in a castle on top of a hill made up of 42 dogs, which made no sense to them. Another thing about Chuck's true identity is his visions. All five of them combined could barely defeat her, so God tricked her and sealed her away, using the Mark of Cain as her lock and key. Chuck assures Sam that he isn't and that they are His "favorite show". Thanks for saving the world and stuff. As Chuck teleported away, day became night and a doorway to Hell opened up in the cemetery, unleashing the souls of the damned into the world and raising a horde of zombies to kill the Winchesters. Metatron mentioned how he has read Chuck's books and threw a copy of Tall Tales into the fireplace.

Later, Sam calls Chuck to the motel to see if he knows about the demon blood, which Chuck confirms, telling Sam that the story looks like everything will rest on Sam's shoulders.

However, Kripke realized that this made the backstory too complicated and reworked it with Peter Johnson so that their father raised them to be hunters. Chuck later reveals himself as God to the Winchesters and confirms it with the help of Kevin Tran.

A supernatural author

Metatron mentioned how he has read Chuck's books and threw a copy of Tall Tales into the fireplace. Castiel hinted at God's involvement in his return and the Winchester's rescue from Lucifer both of which surprised Zachariah and caused him to retreat. However, he felt that "Sal" was inappropriate for a main character and changed the name to "Sam".

Fans arguing against Chuck's divinity point primarily to the fact that Dean's amuletwhich Castiel says will "burn hot" in God's presence does not react when Dean and Chuck meet face to face in 4.

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At the end, the brothers are resurrected with Castiel abandoning his search for God. As long as someone had the Mark, the Darkness would remain locked up.

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The Winchesters demanded to learn how Chuck knows about their lives, eventually convincing him who they were when they tell him their last names, something he had never told anyone.

Chuck finished his manuscript page of " - Lucifer Rising", and is seen ordering some girls for the night on the phone.

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