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The use of apostrophes varies in early editions. By wanting to be remembered for his fame and the grandeur of his kingdom, the King of Navarre forgets the original values of study knowledge and self-discovery, not fame and self-approval. At the same time, his three companions also take a tumble: Berowne for Rosaline, Dumain for Katherine, and Longaville for Maria.

The manner in which it was played last night destroyed the brilliancy completely, and left a residuum of insipidity which was encumbered rather than relieved by the scenery and decorations.

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Answering that question is difficult, and I cannot see the play as the topical allegory that some have argued it is. Jaquenetta and Costard enter with Berowne's letter and accuse him of treason.

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Their scheme succeeds, for everybody ends up with the wrong partner. When Jaquenetta, who is illiterate, receives the letter to Rosaline, she takes it to Sir Nathaniel, the local parson, to read it for her. Jaquenetta and Costard enter with Berowne's letter and accuse him of treason. Each of the men in his turn falls prey to the charms of the ladies and rationalizes his change of heart in the cleverest academic rhetoric he can write into a sonnet. The playwright mixes up drama and poetry in the play, which is written in iambic pentameters, as it deals with the four lords of Navarre indulging in writing love sonnets in order to woo the ladies of France. My emphasis. It is finally the act of writing his own name, which he did at the beginning of the play as an evidence of his allegiance to the King's project, that finally betrays and exposes him. There is a Bullingdon club brutality about these student toffs, especially in their treatment of the village pageant.

These poems also acquire a hybrid dimension: they were mocked in the play as bad imitations of Petrarchan poetry, but they then became very fashionable, showing Shakespeare's skills at writing poetry.

He postulated that the play itself "may well be the first and best example of a genre that would flourish in less sophisticated forms five centuries later: the college comedy. Hale suggests that the witty alliteration of the title is in keeping with the pedantic nature of the play.

Berowne gives Costard a letter to deliver to the lady Rosaline, which Costard switches with Don Armado's letter that was meant for Jaquenetta.

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The reference to clothing and threads also evokes the idea that the ladies are the subjects of the lords' sonnets they are the threads the lords try to weave in their poetrybut the ladies make them realize that they failed in doing so.

Through these references, love writing acquires an intertextual dimension.

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